How to Plan a Family Yachting Vacation in Abu Dhabi?

The very thought of going for a yacht tour in Abu Dhabi will bring tremendous joy to your family especially kids.What adds to the joy is that your yacht vacation is going to happen in Abu Dhabi this time. Children knows there are lot of sightseeing and activities available in Abu Dhabi which will entertain them. Abu Dhabi has got that much contents to make the kids engaged for a week or more.What makes Abu Dhabi different from other yacht destinations is its magnificentnight view and elegant water bodies. While you cruise, just sit back on your couch and relax at the deck of your luxury yacht and enjoy the night view from the boat.Letís figure out some important things before you make this dreamhappen.

Decide When to Travel

The best time for a vacation in Abu Dhabi is from starting of October till mid of April. Weather is perfect during this timefor sailing. Kids like to go for activities and rides not just the sail. Outdoor activities in Abu Dhabi is possible only during Winter assummers are extremely hot here. Weekends will be crowded here so getting availability for yachts will be challenging. Its better to book your yacht well in advance. Moreover, yacht operators charge higher tariff during this time and you will end up paying more if you are looking for last minute availability. Never take a chance in this matter when you are travelling with your family. It is recommended to approach some reliable company to avoid cheating at the time of reservation. This will also help you save some money andavoid the trouble of cancellations and rigid refund policies.

Find the Perfect Yacht for Your Family

Abu Dhabi has a wide variety of selection in yachts. Ranging from one-bedroom yachts till bill big party yachts that can accommodate up to 50 people at a time. Be mindful while choosing the best suitable boat for your family taking into consideration of the strength of your family, stay duration, sailing limits, budget etc. Find an operator who can guide you with step by step process of getting this exercise done properly. Extreme care should be given in this with attention to even minute details. A small mistake you make here will ruin the happiness of your entire family. For instance, if you book a yacht without an upper deck it is of no use to children as their expectation is to see the view from top of it.Also, if the yacht is not big enough to accommodate all of your family members it will attract unwanted troubles. If you try to change the boat in the last minute you will end up paying penalty and lose money.

Places to Visit in Abu Dhabi with Family

Planning the places to visit in Abu Dhabi comes in the next to do list.Abu Dhabi is abundant with sightseeing places for kids. Marina mall area, Yas Marina and Al Bateen area are the 3 famous yacht zones in Abu Dhabi. Yas marina is a manmade island and the water here is sparkling clean. Al Bateen area is again a manmade island close to marina mall which is famous for island visit. This is a less popular area compared to the other two. Swimming is possible in all the areas here as the tides are never high. Visit the famous F1 track, the Palace and the museum in Abu Dhabi. Visit the Al Maqta bridge, popular Corniche, Zayed Grand mosque. Sightseeing of Abu Dhabi is not just limited to the above mentioned places. Your booking agent can suggest you more places to visit according to your choice.

Things to do in Abu Dhabi with Family

Abu Dhabi is truly said to be the Gem of Islamic region. The picturesque landscapes, beautiful gardens, clean waterbodies and the live night life adds to the charm. The city is also a world famous shopping spot. The neighboring city Dubai makes you feels like you are at one of the best places in the world. Hopping on and off between islands in your yacht is a wonderful way to spend your vacation. The Yas island spread across 6000 acres area is a best choice for this. It has much more to offer tourist visiting in their luxury yachts.

The crystal clear water at the Yas Island beaches is a good spot for the family members to enjoy themselves. Take your children to the Water world and Ferrari race track, visit SeaWorld Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi boasta about its rich culture and accommodating native residents making it a perfect place for families visiting it .You will find budget motels to the most luxurious hotel brands in the world if you wish to stay offboard for a night. The dessert safari and camping are a must try activity in Abu Dhabi if you are there with kids. One of the most extravagant shopping experiences in the world is in Abu Dhabi streets. Visit the fish market in Abu Dhabi. Dine from the local food street to get a taste of the regional Arabic cuisine. The barbeque and kebabs of Abu Dhabi is world famous and your kids will enjoy every bite of it.

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